Mama Want Dibits

Elizabeth is quite a Mama’s girl.  She is rarely separated from me and she prefers to stick within touching distance of me at all times.  When we are home, she has recently started playing by herself a little, but for the most part, she wants me all the time.

We’ve recently started up the time outs here.  Before this, it was usually good enough for me to tell her not to do something and she usually didn’t.  Then, she started to test her limits and it was good enough for me to tell her “Mama sad” when she didn’t listen.  That also ran its course and now we are up to the famous time out.

Elizabeth usually obeys me, so she hasn’t had many time outs since we started a few weeks ago.  I warn her first, then if she doesn’t stop/start/whatever, I carry her up to her room and shut her inside.  She stands by the door and sobs.  Well, yesterday, she ignored my warning (I think she was jumping up and down on my computer chair which she isn’t supposed to get on at all?) so I took her up for a time out.  As usual, she sobbed.  When I let her out, she flew to me frantically and sobbed “Mama want Dibits” into my neck.  Obviously feeling some good guilt, I told her “of course Mama wants Dibits.  Mama loves Dibits.”