Friday Night Leftovers

  • The BEST story ever.  Matt always loses things in bed, like the television remote or his cell phone.  That drives him crazy, so I always help him find them.  The other night, he sighed heavily and said “I can’t find my cell phone now” and started groping around the covers with his right hand.  I said, “I’ll help you look!  Wait, your cell phone?”  Matt answered “yes, my cell phone.”  I asked “you mean the cell phone that is in your left hand?”
  • I ordered the cutest little hair bow for Elizabeth for Thanksgiving.  It came today.  Now, she’s refused to wear it so far, but that is just Almost Two talking and I’ll get it in her hair eventually.
  • It is totally Emily’s fault that I ordered this hair bow.
  • Elizabeth got a toy matchbox car from her friend’s birthday party.  Now she is in love with little cars.  I am planning on making her some kind of car carrying bag (these things are awesome for taking out, to restaurants and shopping and the like).  If I am a genius, I will make one that unzips into some kind of road.  If I am not a genius, I’ll make her keep carrying them in her trick-or-treat bag.
  • Elizabeth continues to try to get me to let her trick-or-treat some more.  She tells me “ring da doorbell!  Get a sucker!”
  • I really like my baby.  Even though she continues to say “no kisses, Mama, no kisses!”