Friday Night Leftovers- Finally Christmas Season!

  • It’s finally the start of Christmas!  Whoooo!  My tree is half up.  It will be all up soon.
  • Also, we went Black Friday shopping this morning and bought a new tree.  My old tree was one that I bought for $19.99 the first year we were married as a temporary tree.  When I brought it home and put it up, I discovered that half the lights didn’t light.  But it was only a temporary tree, so I didn’t bother taking it back.  So for the last eight Christmases, we’ve had a really cheap tree with not enough branches that had big chunks of lights that didn’t light.
  • I am going to put the old tree up too.  (Yes, the one I just complained about for a paragraph.)  It will go upstairs in the hallway.
  • Matt and his brother put my outside Christmas lights half up yesterday.
  • I dressed the baby in her first Christmas dress of the season this morning.
  • Yes, I am really excited about Christmas this year.
  • I have gotten significantly less cool.  I made Matt stay up until midnight to buy me an online Black Friday special.  (He went midnight shopping anyway, they just left fifteen minutes later than they were going to so that they could buy mine online.)  And what is it that I was so desperate to get at 12:01am?  Diaper laundry detergent.
  • Since it worked out so well yesterday, I ate another bowl of brownies with raspberries and homemade whipped cream while I was writing this.
  • I think I forgot to link to Danifred for Friday Night Leftovers for the last two weeks.  So here is a link.  And here is another.  And here is another.

Whoooo!  Christmas!