On the First Day of Christmas!

Okay, I know the song is referring to the days after Christmas, but I am using it anyway.

Emily reminded me that I could blog about the Christmasy things we are doing this year and my thought was “genius!  Content for every day this month!”

We are doing something Christmas related for every day of December leading up to Christmas.  Now, we have a LOT of company coming (I think we’ll only be company free for seven or eight days this month), so I do not promise pictures every day or even coherent sentences every day.

But anyway, to kick off the Christmas festivities, we opened our advent calendars this morning.  Three of them, one for each of us, courtesy of my dad who has been buying me an advent calendar (with chocolate) for as long as I can remember.  When I moved out of the house, the advent calendar arrived by mail, promptly each year at the end of November.

One year, he couldn’t find the cheap ones anywhere and bought my mom, my sister, and me all an expensive version with really good chocolates in it.

Then we spent the next three years reminiscing about the good chocolate year.

So he bought the good chocolates again this year, just to shut us up, I think.

And Elizabeth approves quite thoroughly of a piece of chocolate before breakfast.

“Mmm, Mama, chocolates…”

When they came two weeks ago, I told her there were chocolates inside, we called my dad and she said “tank you for chocolates, grandpa” and then I put them on the top shelf of the pantry.  Today, we called him again and she said “tank you for chocolates” and MEANT it.

After I gave her the chocolate and she opened it, she ran over to the corner and hid behind the table.  Obviously so that no one could take her chocolate.

We are also finishing up decorating the Christmas tree today and hopefully most of the rest of the house, and doing all final birthday party preparations.