If You Give a Baby a Birthday Party…

Elizabeth’s birthday is tomorrow, but her birthday party with her kid friends was today.  (She also had a birthday party with Matt’s family when they were visiting, she’ll have one with my family next week, and she’s having an online birthday party for out-of-state relatives.  This kid will be partied.)  Since her favorite books are the If You Give a Mouse a Cookie books, we had a Mouse Cookie birthday party.

We started with the banner I made for her.

And I asked “Elizabeth, will you stand under the letters and let Mama take your picture?”  So she ran back and forth as fast as she could.  I have lots of pictures of an empty hallway and only one in which she appeared.  Here it is.  Can you even tell that is her?

Here are the snacks.

We had fruit.  Mainly because Elizabeth likes fruit.  (Raspberries, blueberries, grapes, and satsumas.)

Then we had cheese and crackers.  By the way, one of my best party secrets is to use tiny cookie cutters to cut cheese into festive shapes.  It is easy, pretty quick, and looks fantastic.  So these are Mouse cheeses.

Then we had cookie cupcakes.  It’s just a chocolate chip cookie stuck on top of a cupcake.  Out of the four kids at the party (minus the baby, who had to eat crackers), two of them ate only the cookie, and the smart one ate the cookie and the cupcake.  (And the fourth child ate one of the whole grain blueberry muffins that I made just for her because she isn’t allowed to eat anything delicious.)

(Also, Elizabeth was one of the ones that ate only the cookie.  I ate her cupcake for her.  It was one of those sacrifices you have to make when becoming a parent, eating the leftover cupcake.)

Here is Elizabeth in her birthday shirt.

One of my favorite parts was when Adam dragged Elizabeth’s present over to her and made her open it.  He was like “well, we brought this for you and you are going to open it right now.”  Then he helped her open it.  He is so cute.

(Elizabeth opened one of the other presents as soon as it came in the door too.  And the third present she just left sitting there until I told her to open it.)

Elizabeth sat down at the table immediately when told that there were “cuppy-cakes.”

I helped blow out the candles.

Elizabeth carefully disassembled my cookie cupcakes.

Here are my goody bags.

They each had a Mouse cookie book (book may vary), a bag a real chocolate chip cookies, a bag of wooden chocolate chip cookies (note to party attendees, both this year and all future years: hand painted party favors are not guaranteed in any future years), and a little stuffed animal (stuffed animal may vary).

I didn’t have any planned activities except food and the kids just played and played and had a great time.  The party was a great success.  However, I think (mental note for future years) I needed to theme it up a bit more.  I needed like some Mouse Cookie decorations or some mouse ears for all the kids to wear.  It was lacking a little in the theme department.  It was really fun though and quite easy to set up.  Everyone had a nice time and Elizabeth loved all her presents.