On the Seventh Day of Christmas

We had professional Christmas pictures taken!  And these aren’t them!  I don’t have them on the computer yet.  These are from the shots that Elizabeth had taken with my sister this last weekend.  But they came out so pretty.  (Apart from the fact that these are slightly distorted.  Apparently, the photo place doesn’t want people copying and pasting photos from their website, so I had to be tricky to show you these.  And since I am not THAT clever, my trickiness is slightly distorted.)

I shall show you the Christmas pictures too, when I get them.  A lovely blog reader suggested a new picture studio when I complained that I wasn’t happy with Sears now that we didn’t have our regular photographer (since we moved and all).  And she was sooo right.  Elizabeth was all cranky this morning (too much company lately) and I was all thinking “oh, the pictures are going to be terrible, we are going to have to come back and redo them, am I even going to find any that are good enough to buy?”  And then they had thirty fantastic shots and I spent way more money than usual.  Because the prints cost twice as much as at the last place.  Sigh.