On the Eighth Day of Christmas

A Guest Post, by Elizabeth.

Hi, it’s me, Dibits!  Dibits the Great.  For I am indeed Great.  Or at least I think so.

Mama says that I should tell you what we did for Christmas today.  Well, today my friend Adam came over to play and brought his mommy.  Her name is Adam’s Mommy so that is what I call her.  I told Adam that Christmas is coming and that it is very important.  So Adam and I helped decorate the Christmas tree.

Actually, the Christmas tree was already decorated.  So we rearranged the decorations.  I took all the ones from the lower branches off and spread them all over the floor.  If I couldn’t get one off, I squealed real loud and pulled real hard.  Then most of it came off.  Sometimes the string parts stayed stuck to the tree, but those aren’t the good parts anyway.

Adam helped.  But he was much more well behaved than me, so he only redecorated with one ornament and he asked my Mama very nicely if she could get it down for him.



P.S.  My Mama says to tell you that this redecorating was not the Official Activity.  Apparently the Official Activity is to wrap all the Christmas presents and make the Christmas card.  But those are more boring than my fantastic redecorating idea.

P.P.S.  Tell my Mama that this post would have been a lot better with pictures and that she should stop spending all her time talking to Adam’s Mommy and take more pictures of me, the Star.  And more pictures of Adam.  No pictures is unacceptable.