On the Ninth Day of Christmas…

…I paid $20 to have strangers terrorize my child and document it for me.

In other words, today we went to see Santa!

We tried twice to get a picture, not because I thought she might smile in the second attempt (HAH!) but because I thought maybe the second one would be funnier.  And it was, oh, it was.  But you could see her better in this one.  In the second one, she was placed next to Santa instead of on his lap and the picture shows a screaming Elizabeth slithering off the chair and trying to get away.

I would have bought that one too, but they wouldn’t sell it to me cheaper than $20.

Also, Santa photographers, her dress is green, not blue.  Check your lighting settings.

After she finished the hysterical sobbing into my neck, Elizabeth informed me that “that was too much.  I cried.”  I laughed.  And tried to get her to say that again on video once we got home.

She kind of says it.

Since I am really, really nice, I will also show you the pictures from her Christmas portrait session.  I scanned them in with my scanner, so they aren’t that great, particularly the first two which were too large for the scanner and I had to stand next to it and hold the lid open.

So those two aren’t blurry in person.

And yeah, I should have cropped it so that you didn’t have to see that I bought two 5X7s.

Oh look, a page of wallets!

If you want to see the whole lot of them, I am pretty sure that you can click here.  Only be advised that the second half of the pictures are of some random little girl who got loaded into our account and no one can tell me why.  (I updated the link because people were reporting password difficulties.  This one will hopefully work and does not contain the random little girl.  Which is good, I never like putting other people’s children on the internet without their permission.)