Friday Night Leftovers

  • I have been meaning to write down a few adorable things that Elizabeth has been saying lately, so here we go.
  • She was in her car seat in the back of the car, sitting next to my mom and sister.  They were talking about sunglasses and Elizabeth suddenly demanded “I need to have Grandma’s on Dibit’s eyes!”
  • A couple of weeks ago, she woke up at 6-something in the morning.  I went and got her out of the crib, put her on my hip and then leaned over to grab her baby doll from the crib.  (En route to rocking chair for go-back-to-sleep-it-is-still-dark.)  She grabbed my shoulder and delightedly shrieked out “whoa!” like she was on a roller coaster or something.  I said something like “shhh, it is night time, it’s time to be quiet.”  She looked at me and told me “I do go whoa.”
  • This morning, she woke up late (8:45am!  I don’t know how long it has been since I’ve gotten to sleep that late!) and when I went in to get her, all the dolls were gone from her crib and the first words out of her mouth were “I put all the babies in da blanket!”  And all three of her baby dolls were zipped inside the sleep sack that she was wearing.
  • Matt’s work Christmas party is this weekend.  Matt doesn’t want to go.  I am like “free food!  Whoo!”  It is a really fancy event, like the work equivalent of prom.  I am going to freeze.  I am planning on attempting to wear leggings hidden underneath my formal dress.
  • Today’s Christmas thing is to make the gingerbread house.  (I bought a pre-baked one from Wal-Mart.)  We stuck it together this morning and we are going to decorate it when Elizabeth wakes up.  She’s really excited.  Mostly about opening the bags of candy that came with it.
  • I love having my computer desk in this window, but there is a real flaw during the winter which involves FREEZING FEET.
  • I mailed all the Christmas cards today, except for a few people who moved and won’t send me their new addresses even though I’ve ASKED them.  (Yes, I absolutely see the irony in ME being annoyed that other people moved.)
  • I love my new computer (well, “new”, I’ve had it for months now), but I am still really annoyed by the fact that my pictures take soooo long to download from my camera.  With the proper camera software (which isn’t compatible with whatever version of windows I have now), I could download hundreds of pictures in under a minute.  Now it takes me more than a half an hour.

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