The Gingerbread House

Here are pictures from yesterday’s gingerbread house activity.  Elizabeth thought it was pretty awesome.

“Mama!  Just give me the candies!  Please!  I won’t eat them!”

Oddly, one of her favorite activities was to move the candy from bowl to bowl.

She did some candy sticking though.

She piled all the little M&Ms into Santa’s sleigh.  Apparently, Santa needs M&Ms for his big trip.

And when I tried to take a picture of the finished product, she took that opportunity to snatch a Skittle off the roof and eat it.

Then we had to wash hands.  Someone was a little sticky.  And yes, she is just dangling there.

“No, Mama.  I didn’t eat any frosting.  Certainly not out of a little bowl with a spoon!”