Fancy Christmas Party

As requested, here are the pictures from the fancy Christmas party.  Or at least from before the fancy Christmas party.

Elizabeth tried out Matt’s fancy shoes.  You know, for style and stability.

I like this picture.

Now, I ended up being one level overdressed.  I asked Matt to confirm the dress code about a dozen times and each time he said that it was like prom and people wore long dresses.  Next time I am calling a woman directly because it was more the dress code of like the Valentine’s dance or the Spring Fling (or whatever) in high school.  Short cocktail dresses.  Some women were even wearing pants.  They were underdressed though.  And there were about a dozen or so other women dressed at the exact level that I was, so at least I wasn’t the only one.  (It was a giant party, the entire hotel ballroom was full of tables.  Probably at least 500 people?)  But next year I will go with a cocktail dress instead of the floor length.  However, I did wear leggings underneath my dress, so I was at least warmer than everyone else.

And here is the “official” picture from the party.  They took them for free which I thought was nice.