On the Thirteenth Day of Christmas

For today’s Christmas activity, we played in the snow and had hot chocolate and Christmas cookies for snack.

Okay, we live in Georgia, we actually played in the “snow.”

See, there is a little more “snow.”

Okay, it has occurred to me that with my use of quotes around the word snow, someone might get the idea that I went out there with a can of baby powder or something.  No, it is real snow, there just isn’t much of it.

And then someone was dragged inside, kicking but not screaming (because I had mentioned a snack), and we moved on to the next segment of our Christmas activity.

We had some Christmas cookies and hot chocolate for snack.  Usually, Elizabeth gets “hot chocolate” (wow, I am all over the quotes today) which is a few spoonfuls of my hot chocolate poured into her cup of milk and that even only about once every few weeks.  Today, in the spirit of the holidays and all, I gave it to her straight and I let her drink it out of her tea party cup.

She was charmed.  Only about a tablespoon of hot chocolate fit into her cup, which I hoped might slow her down a little.  Not really.  I just had to keep refilling it.  But she says “more, pease, Mama” in such a darling way and then tells me “tank you, Mama” after, so it is worth refilling lots of times.

And Trin Dog really wanted some too.

Here is a totally unrelated picture, but during her “nap” today (yeah, more quotes!), instead of sleeping, she was hanging her baby dolls in the crib bars by their heads.  So I took a picture of the monitor so you could see her weird little doll display.  She still hasn’t fallen asleep and I know she won’t at this point.  She’s started to skip her nap about one day a week now.  At least it is convenient on days when I need her to not nap.