Laundry Room Flood

So I was going to tell you a great story about Toys R Us and gift cards and how awesome we are, but instead, my washing machine flooded the laundry room this morning and I just spent all of naptime cleaning that up.  Also, the underneath areas of my washer and dryer were really disgusting.  But now the whole room is sparkling clean, which is a plus.  I ran a load of wash really early this morning (because I spilled Matt’s cup of coffee on five Christmas presents that were on my kitchen counter- if anyone gets a coffee scented Christmas present this year, I apologize, I washed all the ones that were washable and wiped off the rest) and I think the outside drain pipe for the washer was frozen.  So when the water drained out of the washer, it had nowhere to go and came back up the drain hole.  Hopefully that is fixed now because I am running a load of dog bedding (crate next to the washer, wicked water up from the floor) and towels that I used to scrub the floor with.  I did put down a back-up towel, in case the problem hasn’t magically repaired itself.

Anyway, that is a long winded explanation for: Here, enjoy this photograph.  Elizabeth found these Christmas lights in the closet this morning, got them out, and plugged them in herself before delightedly shrieking “my twinkle lights!”  (Yes, it is a babyproofed outlet, thanks.  The problem has been repaired now though and she can’t keep doing that.)