The Toy Story

On Sunday, Matt, Elizabeth, and I ran a bunch of errands and went out to dinner.  (Thai food!  With no bugs in it!  Delicious!)  One of our errands was to return a few duplicate Matchbox cars that Elizabeth got for her birthday to Toys R Us.  So Matt and Elizabeth went to browse while I waited in the return line.  We had a receipt with three cars on it and I had three cars, but when they rang them up, only two of them were the ones on the receipt.  So I returned those two for cash and the last one for store credit.  I received a gift card with $4.27 in store credit.  (Yes, standard Matchbox cars are only about $1 or less, but these are the licensed character cars from the movie Cars.  So they cost about $3.50-$3.99 each, plus tax.)

Matt had picked out a doll for Elizabeth for Christmas (a Woody doll, we are all about the Pixar movies) so he got in line to pay for it while Elizabeth and I looked around.  He started frantically waving at me, so I came over and, like every trip we take to a backwards R store, gave him my customer loyalty card that apparently he doesn’t carry and can’t look up with our phone number.  In that semi-confusion, he paid with the gift card, was handed a receipt, and we left.

Except that at the door, we realized that we didn’t give them any money.  And you can’t buy a Woody doll for $4.27 in store credit.

So we examined the receipt, all confused, until we discovered the part that said that our gift card had a remaining balance of $75 and change.  Huh?  I had been handed it a few minutes earlier and it was supposed to have $4.27 on it.

A few seconds of whispered conversation and we went back to customer service.  I handed over all our receipts- both for the doll we just bought and the car we had just returned.  When we actually looked at it, the return receipt showed that our gift card had originally had $106 something on it.  This sent everyone at customer service into a flurry, managers were called, and brows were furrowed.  Elizabeth picked up the customer service pen and started to write on a store ad.  Eventually, the manager comes over and asks us if we’d be okay with just leaving the gift card with them, taking our purchase, and having a nice day.  Sure, a free Woody doll for being honest is awesome.  So we left.

On our way out to the car, Elizabeth is delightedly shrieking something while Matt and I are discussing how being honest is great and it was so nice of the store to let us keep the credit that we accidentally bought the doll with, and etc.  Eventually, as we get to the car, we actually listen to what Elizabeth is shouting.  She is yelling (happily), “I’m takin’ der pen!  I’m takin’ der pen!”

So we gave back their gift card, but we stole their pen.

(I’ll take the pen back the next time I am in the area.  Probably.  I am not too worried about a used pen.)