The Sick

This morning, at 6:45am, for the first time since she was three days old, Elizabeth threw up.  She is sick for the first time in her tiny little life.  (Yes, I realize that she is two years old and that we are incredibly lucky that she’s never been sick before.)

She started rolling around and moaning in her sleep about six and woke me up.  I’ve been thinking I’ve been having some kind of suspicious allergy attack, but Matt started coming down with it last night and when Elizabeth started moaning at six (and murmuring “Mama” in her sleep- so pathetic), I thought, “hmm, an allergy attack would likely not be contagious.”  So when she started shrieking at 6:45 this morning, I was awake and ready.  I went in to get her and asked her what the matter was because she was so upset.  She gasped out “clean ‘dat up!”  And I thought “uh oh.”  I felt her and she was all gross, so I went to get Matt, who was getting dressed for work, and he cleaned her while I cleaned the crib.  We got her all sorted out, gave her some medicine for the fever, and I rocked her back to sleep.  She slept another half hour or so, and then moved to our bed where she put her head on my chest and we watched Cars.

Now, in my acceptance speech, I’d like to thank the internet.  I’d like to thank Halo Sleep Sacks, for protecting the pajamas so that she didn’t have to be washed and redressed and I wouldn’t know that sleep sacks existed if it weren’t for the internet.  Primarily, I’d like to thank Julie, for posting years and years ago about her use of crib lasagna, the layering of sheets and waterproof mattress pads.  I’ve been grateful for this invention in the past, but never so much as with a very upset baby who is begging me to “turn Kermit off!”  (She has a Kermit lamp.  She wanted it off so that she could go back to sleep.)  I whipped off the top layer and I still have two layers left.

Luckily, she already had her two year old well visit scheduled for this afternoon, so she’ll get all checked out as a bonus. And may I offer my sincere apologies to our playdate yesterday to which we apparently took our germs?

Also, before you feel too bad for her, here is a picture of what she is doing right now.

Does she look sick and pathetic?  Or does she look like a baby who is enjoying her free access to television?  She’s in her daddy’s chair, with a sippy cup of milk and a frozen pretzel (which is her favorite snack, if you try to give her a warm pretzel, she hands it back and tells you “no, cold!”), with her Red firetruck on her lap, watching her favorite movie, Cars.  She likes Red because he is a “wittle shy” just like Elizabeth.