Friday Night Leftovers

  • Elizabeth slept remarkably well last night for a small baby with the flu.  She had trouble sleeping at the beginning of the night.  I put her down about 7:30pm and she woke up every twenty minutes for about two hours.  But I only had to go into her the first time and I didn’t have to re-bedtime, I just told her to lie back down and I rubbed her back a little.  (That has never worked, not once, in her entire life.)  Then she woke up sad and hot at five this morning, but I remedicated her and rocked her back to sleep and she slept until seven.  Now she is napping.
  • She is feeling much, much better.  She was very sad at bedtime last night.  She was whining and crying “help me” and the classic “Mama!”  (The “help me” was sooo sad to listen to.)   But this morning she’s been in a great mood.  Still a little sick, but she hasn’t sat down all morning.
  • When Matt left this morning, Elizabeth was watching her movie from his chair.  He said goodbye to her and left.  A few minutes later, she realized he was gone, got up, opened the door to the garage, waved, and closed it again.  We normally wave him off when he leaves when we are awake and I thought it was so sweet that she did the same thing even though he had already gone.
  • To prove how much better she is feeling, Elizabeth took her Jessie doll and they danced in the living room to “Life is a Highway.”
  • I am starting to feel more settled here.  When we got sick, I had friends that said “let me know if you need anything” and I know they meant it.
  • I declare myself pretty much healed from my flu too.  I had a mild case, mostly congestion and sneezing (which fooled me into thinking it was allergies for too long) and it is pretty much all gone, except for a little bit of congestion.  Luckily we had strain B, which is more mild, and we all had our flu shots, which even though it is (obviously) not guaranteed to keep you from getting the flu, at least makes it a lot less painful when you do get it.
  • Let no one tell you that blog friends are not real friends.  One of my blog friends, Sarah, wanted to send Elizabeth a birthday present.  She sent her a ladybug pillow and even put in a bunch of Christmas baked goods for the rest of us.  I offer you photographic evidence:

Thank you, Sarah!  Plus, I totally haven’t gotten around to making any Christmas cookies this year, so these might be all we get!  ;)  (Editor’s note:  I took this picture two days ago, when they first got here.  There may not be quite as many now.)

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