Right.  Soap as a Christmas gift for a two year old.  Now, I am all for the consumable gifts for children, rock on.  Something I don’t have to keep cleaning up.  And this was homemade* soap with little toy things in them to make them cute.

So tonight I decided that Elizabeth must be washed.  She hates her flu medicine and we have to hold her down and force it into her.  As a result, she has medicine in her hair, her ears, her neck, etc.  (Our hair, our ears, our necks, our shoulders, our clothes, our furniture, our dogs…)  So she was getting kind of sticky.  I offered her a bath (with bubbles!) but she was very opposed to the idea.  So I decided to take a shower with her.  I thought she might be entertained by playing with her two new soaps with the toys in them.

She loved them!  She was thrilled.

Until they got wet.  Then she couldn’t hold them.  They were too big for her hands and now they were slippery.  Soap gets slippery, you know.  It is one of its main flaws.

So now she is sobbing in frustration, as she tries to pick up the soaps from the floor, over and over again.  Every time I hand them to her, they are too big and slippery and they fall right out of her hands.  Finally, I convince her to sit on the floor and I put them in her lap.

Which worked great for the next forty-five seconds.  Then she rubbed her eyes.

So I picked her up and she’s sobbing again.  I clean off her eyes and fix her up and then set her on the ground again.  (She does not like to be picked up in the shower- apparently that is for babies.)  She sits back down and goes through the struggle to get the soaps in her lap again.  I grabbed them and put them out of her reach, so now she is crying because she doesn’t have them.

So, maybe if you are thinking soap for a toddler’s gift, maybe I’d get a nice shirt instead.

*If it counts to call them homemade and not “melted down from soap bought at the craft store for the purpose of melting down into new soap.”