Bullets About Stuff

  • I went to the mall today.  Oh, it was so stupid of me.  But it needed to be done.  (Matt and I went yesterday, finishing the Christmas shopping.  But we forgot some of the coupons (really good ones) so I had to go back today for those things.  I really, honestly thought that since today was a work day, the mall wouldn’t be that bad.  But it was.  Don’t go there!  Online shopping is your friend.
  • I also went to the post office today.  But this was not my fault.  It was the fault of the Etsy people who ordered things last night, likely in a rush to hope to get them before Christmas.  And our post office is nice and organized, so even though it took a while, it was not a big deal.
  • (Insert bragging warning here.)  Matt got promoted today.  For the second time since he started this job seven months ago.  My husband is awesome.
  • At Elizabeth’s two year vet pediatrician appointment, the doctor asked me if she could make a two word sentence like “let’s go!”  I laughed.  I told Matt and he laughed.  Matt said only if by two words, she meant enormous paragraphs.  When we got home today, Elizabeth told me “need to go upstairs and get in Mama’s bed and watch my Toy Story!”  She was given a nap instead, but that was not because she wasn’t clear in her wants.
  • Matt called me after the doctor’s appointment to ask how it went.  I described how the nurse and I had to hold Elizabeth down while she kicked and screamed and hyperventilated.  Matt said “I thought she didn’t have any shots?”  I said, “no, this was just so they could use the stethoscope and look into her ears.”
  • I officially declare us all healthy again.
  • FluGirl fell asleep in the car, both times we had to take her somewhere.  Elizabeth never falls asleep in the car anymore.  I had forgotten what that was like.
  • If you missed yesterday’s post, go and read it because I am really enjoying all the really interesting comments.