I love Christmas so very much.  But the last three years have been so busy and so stressful for me that I have started to love the after-Christmas even more.  So today begins MY holiday.  The company is gone, the house is mostly cleaned up, and all our decorations are still up.  Plus, it is still snowing here!  The last time it snowed in Atlanta on Christmas was in 1882.

Matt and I have lived in snowy climates before.  I remember one time in New Jersey when he cleaned off my entire car for me before he left for work- and then it was snowing so hard that I couldn’t tell he had done it when I left for work a half an hour later.  This snow here is the perfect amount of snow.   There are a couple of inches on the ground, but the roads are all clear (even without snowplows).  It’s beautiful but not inconvenient.  (Of course, I was asleep in bed this morning at 3:45am while Matt was helping his brothers de-ice a car so that they could get to the airport.  Okay, I take it back, it is inconvenient.  But not THAT inconvenient.)

Miraculously, all the relatives have made it home.  Two were flying and three were driving.  The flying two both had their flights canceled last night.  We scrambled and got them both on new flights.  In the middle of the night, Matt rolled over to check the new flights on his phone and found that one of them was canceled again.  He got up, scrambled again, and got her on a new flight, leaving two hours earlier.  When it was time for Matt to drive the flying relatives to the airport (poor Matt, 3:15am), the driving ones were awake, so they decided to leave early and do the airport drop off on the way.  So Matt crawled back into bed around 4:00am and quite thankfully didn’t have to do an early morning airport run.  And luckily, the flying two weren’t canceled again and arrived safely and the driving three made good time and got home around noon.

I got lovely presents.  Matt got me a gift certificate for two hours at a local spa (whoo!), he replaced the diamond earrings that I lost one of in the DMV parking lot when we first moved here, and he bought me perfect new rugs and towels to decorate our bathroom.  The brothers-in-law (right? or brother-in-laws?) and the future sister-in-law got me a fancy restaurant grade stockpot.  Elizabeth got ten million toys.  I don’t even know how we are going to fit them all in the house.  However, most of them are not toys that annoy me, so at least I am happy with that.  Matt got some various electronic things, like DVDs and videogames.  I didn’t get him much because he is getting an iPhone for his Christmas present, but he is waiting until February when Verizon (I think Verizon) will be compatible with iPhone.  I did get him a case for his future iPhone and Elizabeth “got” him a book of Daddy and Elizabeth pictures.

Now I am going to spend the next eleven days of Christmas enjoying the season without the pre-Christmas stress.  And next year, I think I will vote very strenuously for a name exchange or something so that we don’t have sooo much.