Blog Friends

Do you recognize any of the kids in this picture?

Blog friends are the best.  Trish and her family came to visit me today!  And they live impossibly far away, so you should be very impressed.  Whenever anyone goes that far out of their way to visit me, I feel like I should provide cake or something.  I managed hot chocolate.

Elizabeth was absolutely THRILLED with the big girls and she would like them to come back.  Lauren wanted to stay overnight but her mom pointed out that she would have to walk home and that I would still make her go to school.  I told her that I’d make her go to extra school, so she was better off sticking with them.  (I’m mean.)

You’ll have to check out Trish’s blog when she finally gets home because I know she remembered to take more pictures and I am pretty sure she got better pictures too.  I was even in a few of them.  (Like a copy of this one.)