We discovered a while ago that Elizabeth likes to take a sippy cup full of water with her to bed.  There have been a few times when she wakes up in the middle of the night and shrieks “I need more waters!  I need more waters!”  She did it the other night when she was just getting over her flu.  (Okay, maybe not so much the other night as a week or two ago?  Christmas and company have thrown off my sense of timing.)  So I stumbled in to her room in the middle of the night, refilled her water cup, and handed it back to her.  She happily slurped up some and went off to sleep again.

She woke me again, three hours later.  I was kind of annoyed that she’d need something AGAIN, so soon, but hey, she had just been FluGirl and I suppose I can make allowances.  So I went back in and told her it was still the middle of the night.  She told me “up” so I went and picked her up and discovered…a soaking wet child.  And I don’t mean her diaper was soaking, I mean the entire baby and the entire bed.

Apparently, when I gave her that sippy cup back, I didn’t actually screw the lid on properly (hey, it was three in the morning!)  So the entire cup of water was now all over her and her bed.  I’m actually quite impressed that she slept as long as she did (three hours since I went in there the first time) since I can’t imagine the cup waited to leak.

And crib lasagna to the rescue again!  But this time I had to change her entire outfit too.