A List of Random

  • My last couple of posts have felt totally poorly written and boring to me, so I am just going with that and we’ll be having bullets today.
  • Or you could have a post about me spending the last two days doing laundry.  Would you prefer that?  I am quite sick of laundry.  I spent the whole first day just washing sheets and towels and bedding from the company and today I moved on to the regular laundry.  I have still not accomplished my total laundry streamlining, even though I have gotten better.
  • I am on my fourth illness of this winter.  Before my strep this year, I hadn’t been sick since the year before Elizabeth was born.  As in, I think my last illness was 2007 or possibly even 2006.  But this year, yikes.  I think it is that the powerful strep took me down (during a tired period in my life and a particularly stressful one too) and I have never gotten quite up to where I was before.  So, count them, FOUR illnesses.  I am pretty much better again now (a virus is my guess this time, it was certainly quick), but I definitely still have the nose congestion.  I tend to hang on to congestion for months and that is really annoying.
  • The laundry is beeping at me.  Be quiet, laundry!  Elizabeth is napping and naptime is my break time.  I do not work during naptime.  It is the rule.
  • I finally managed to un-subscribe to the (very) few blogs that I absolutely despised but just kept reading to be annoyed by.  I did this a couple of months ago and I didn’t even miss them.  (I mean, obviously, as they annoyed me.)
  • Don’t worry, it wasn’t YOUR blog.  I still read YOUR blog.  The ones I hated didn’t know I existed because I never, ever commented there.
  • Why does UPS always deliver during naptime?
  • I’ve been thinking about my New Year’s Resolution plans for this year.  I did really well on the ones I decided on last year.  Anyone have any brilliant ideas for me?
  • I made Elizabeth a dress-up corner in the downstairs closet yesterday.  She has hooks to hang her little outfits on and a cabinet to hold the accessories.  It totally worked too- she spent all day yesterday dressed as a duck and all day today in her fairy costume from Halloween.  When all that stuff was shoved into her toy cabinet, she never used it.