Friday Night Leftovers- New Year's Eve

  • Luckily, it is Friday, so I can make this into a Friday Night Leftover’s post and not have to worry about producing coherent paragraphs.
  • For our New Year’s plans, we are going out to dinner at 5:00pm to our hibachi restaurant.  Then we’ll come home and go to bed at a regular hour.
  • Of course, a lot of times on New Year’s Eve, we end up waking up at midnight to hold trembling dogs as fireworks go off in our neighborhood.  I strongly dislike people who feel the need to set off fireworks in neighborhoods where people are trying to sleep.
  • Okay, resolutions.  My main resolution this year is to finish the organization of the house.  I tend to follow the mess around and always have at least one cluttered closet or room.  (Since I decided this two days ago, I’ve cleaned out that closet and two more.  So, a good start.)  I’d like to get the house to where I can sit down and say “DONE!”  At least for a day or two, organization is an ongoing project.
  • The garage is the next big project.  It is full of random Christmas stuff (wrapping things, decorations that I never put up this year) and is also packed with all the stuff I’ve been setting aside to take to Goodwill.  There are also a few things from the old house that I need to sell or get rid of.
  • It’s lucky our garage is huge here or I’d never be able to fit all this stuff in there.  Of course, if I couldn’t fit it all in there, I wouldn’t have been able to let it get this bad.
  • My other on-going resolution is to be a better listener.  I have known a few fantastic listeners in my life and I want to be like them.
  • I’m also going to work on getting the household on a better schedule/routine/rhythm.  Life is easier on all of us when we know what is going on.

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