I’d write an interesting post today but instead I am spending all of naptime walking up and down the stairs and telling someone to just take a nap already.

I am armed with a green lollipop and I keep waving it at her, saying “you want this lollipop?  Then you need to close your eyes and go to sleep.  I will give it to you when you wake up.” Then she lies down and closes her eyes as tightly as she can.  It lasts a good thirty seconds before she starts playing again.

Ever since the Thanksgiving-Christmas crazies happened, she’s been having trouble sleeping.  She used to fall asleep moments after we put her in her crib at night and now she’s rolling around for a full hour before going to sleep.  (Which is fine by me since it doesn’t cause me any more work, but I do wish she was getting that hour of sleep which she is now spending rolling.)

Napping is even worse.  If I can’t rock her to sleep and put her down asleep, she doesn’t go to sleep.  Not once.  Which is why I am resorting to bribery today.

(No, she isn’t ready to drop her nap.  She’s absolutely miserable on days when she doesn’t get a nap.  And she is miserable the next day too.  This is a result of the holidays.)