It Has a Happy Ending

Instead of talking (again) about how the not napping is making me lose my mind, let’s instead discuss how adorable the Elizabeth is.

  • She calls clay “play” and tells me “I need to get in my high chair and get some play.”
  • Today, each time I go up to her room and tell her to lie down and go to sleep, she hears me coming and pretends that she is already asleep.
  • She keeps the dog brush in her drawer in the kitchen and uses it to very gently brush the little dog.
  • She likes to drive her little tractor (with “wittle baby” in it) on my back.  She tells me to lie on the floor and she gets me a pillow when I lie down for her.  Then she drives the tractor on me.
  • She woke her daddy up on Sunday by hugging and kissing his head.
  • I told her today that we needed to go to Sam’s Club this afternoon and she told me “and get some samples!”
  • She watched me playing Spider Solitaire yesterday, pointed to an ace of spades and told me it was a “black strawberry.”  She then pretended to eat it off the computer screen.
  • Oh, thank heavens, she went to sleep.