Nap Victory

Are you sick of me talking about naps yet?  Right, me too.  But too bad, I am still buzzing over today’s nap achievement.

We went to Elizabeth’s friend’s house this morning for a playdate.  (Isaac, Elizabeth loves Isaac.)  And Elizabeth and Isaac played and ran and played and ate and played.  And we drove home, I took her immediately upstairs, and she fell easily to sleep.  Obviously we have to have a playdate every single morning for the rest of our lives.

In the meantime, I am also going to block up her window.  Right now she has curtains that I can open and close and I love that because I love natural light.  But it gets dark in her room, but not that dark.  And I am wondering if the darkness at night is why she has such an easier time falling asleep at bedtime.  So we will try that.

And an interesting story for those of you who listened to me talk about naps AGAIN.  This morning, I told Elizabeth we were going to play at Isaac’s house.  (And Elizabeth corrected me and told me that we were going to play at Isaac’s house and Noah’s house and Miss Courtney’s house because they ALL live there.)  She told me that she wanted to play with the “green skateboard.”  Huh?  I have no idea what that is.  We drove there, she asked me for the green skateboard multiple times in the car, and then when we got there, she asked Isaac and Miss Courtney for the green skateboard.  Eventually, she went into Isaac’s room and came out with a green Magnadoodle and delightedly shrieked “the green skateboard!”  To my knowledge, the only time she’s ever even heard the word skateboard is in the movie Toy Story 3 when Andy’s mom says it once.