Two for the Price of One

Remember when I held my first Mom’s group playgroup and no one showed up?  And then I held my second and only one person of four RSVPed people showed up?

Well, today I made up for it.  I scheduled the playgroup for two thirty in the afternoon because the morning ones had been so poorly attended and one mom complained that she could never come to anything because her son gets home from school right in the middle of the morning when everyone holds playgroups.  So I said, whatever, I’ll try the afternoon this time.

Then no one at all RSVPed and Holly told me that she would come except that it was during nap.  So I sent out an email message to the whole group and changed the time to the normal morning time of 10:00am.  So Holly said she’d come and another mom RSVPed yes.  And this morning, Holly came (as Holly always comes if she says she is going to come, which is not standard procedure with this Mom’s group) and the Mom’s group member that lives across the street from me “crashed” the playgroup, even though her kids aren’t the right age.  (Elizabeth is two, so the playgroup is officially for 24-35 months.  The neighbor’s kids are one and three.)  (I actually meant to email her and invite her anyway, even though her kids aren’t technically the right age, so I am glad she came anyway, since I never got around to emailing her.)  The other RSVPed mom didn’t show up, but I am getting used to that sort of thing from this Mom’s group.

Everyone played and had a great time and I served up leftovers for lunch.  Then it was naptime and everyone went home.

I decided to skip Elizabeth’s nap today on purpose and see how that went.  (Poorly, very poorly.)  So I didn’t even try to nap her but we just played a little and she whined at me.

At two forty-five, I was getting her a snack when there was a knock on the door.  It was the other mom, who obviously didn’t get my email changing playgroup time.   She looked nervous that no one else was there (since she knew Holly was supposed to come and Holly always comes) and asked me if the calendar was wrong.  I told her no, come in, we are delighted to see you!  (I never did tell her that I changed the time, why make her feel bad about coming?)

So we held two playgroups today instead of one.  It’s quite a difference from having one playgroup and having no one come.  I declare myself even on playgroup attendance.