Friday Night Leftovers

  • I spent a half of a day this week trying to figure out how someone that I knew as a toddler could now be old enough to be talked about on ESPN’s Sportscenter.  Then I was talking to my mom on the phone and asked her if she still got Christmas cards from them.  (No.)  It turned out that it wasn’t the kid I was thinking of, but actually that kid’s cousin who has a very similar name.
  • So, no, that kid isn’t yet quite old enough to be talked about on Sportscenter.
  • Yes, we used to live next door to an NFL player.  Also, not a big deal.
  • I got very few Christmas cards this year.  I sent out about three times more than we received.  But that’s okay, all the Christmas cards we did get were from awesome people.
  • The little dog has been more of a wimp than usual lately.  He is sitting behind me on my chair right now (like a little fuzzy cushion) and trembling.  I have no idea what he is afraid of.  He’s been doing this a LOT lately.
  • I get to go out for Thai food tonight.  Thai food without bugs in it!
  • Elizabeth is napping!  Whoo!  (I know, you are sick of the napping thing.  However, I am not.)
  • I want some chocolate chip cookies.
  • Christmas is officially over now and I need to spend the afternoon taking down the Christmas stuff.  I don’t want to.  It’s pretty.  Also, taking it down is a lot of work.
  • I still want some chocolate chip cookies.  I actually have some frozen dough.  I should probably get on that if I can going to continue to want them.

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Also, it is International Delurking Week.  That means you are required BY LAW to leave me a comment on this post.  If you can’t think of anything else to write, you can tell me how many chocolate chip cookies you think I can eat in one sitting.  Do not let my small size fool you.  I have been known to out-eat Matt quite often.