Snow Day

Well, we’ve got six inches of snow on the ground.  And I still live in Georgia.  I thought this was supposed to be the South?

Pretty much everything is closed today.  Matt’s office was one of the only things still open this morning, so he left for work ridiculously early.  It took him an hour to get there (twice as long as normal) and he said he only saw twenty-nine other cars on the road the whole time.  (He was counting.)  Well, he was at work for fifteen minutes when they closed the building and sent everyone home.  Which is nice and all, but it would have been better if they’d closed when everyone else did and no one had to drive there in the first place.

The snow outside is all gross and unpleasant too.  Earlier today, we got some sleet, so it is all wet and icy.  Not at all good for playing in.  So I think we will be staying inside today. I am trying to do all the laundry.  (It’s not going so well so far.  Laundry is becoming my nemesis.)

Anyway, happy Snow Day, blog peoples.