Ice on the Front Porch

We have about five inches of snow outside with an inch of ice on top of it.  I had to go outside this morning and shovel a patch of grass for the dogs.  (They tried, but they couldn’t walk on the snow without sliding.)  Trin watched me out in the snow and then got brave and went and explored the back yard.  She ended up sliding down the hill and not stopping until she hit the fence.  (She didn’t even leave a mark on the snow in her slide.)  Then she couldn’t get back up.  I had to go get her and stomp a path up the hill for her to follow me up.  When Matt heard that story, he said he was surprised that Trin wasn’t heavy enough to break through the snow, since there is only grass below it.  I told him that I wasn’t heavy enough to break through the ice either.  I was using a shovel as a walking stick and I had to stomp with all my leg strength to break through the ice.

So my point is that it is slippery outside right now.  Elizabeth would like to demonstrate.