Elizabeth Stories

Lately, Elizabeth has been going around saying “I need a ball, I need a ball.”  She’s referring to those expensive Lindt chocolate truffles.  We got some for Christmas, she had one, and apparently became addicted.


It’s still frozen here.  This doesn’t really have much bearing as an Elizabeth story, except that we’ve been stuck in the house for three straight days and therefore Elizabeth is stir crazy and won’t nap.


Elizabeth spent the whole morning carrying around the little probe from my crockpot (it’s a meat thermometer that turns the crockpot off automatically when the meat is done) and calling it a vacuum cleaner.  She used it to vacuum the dog.


Elizabeth’s favorite new game recently is to go into our hall closet (the one I converted the front half into a dress up closet for her) and open and close the door.  She usually yells something like “trick or treat!” or “Merry Christmas!”  The other day we got a “Happy New Year”.  Other times she just tells me “Mama, knock on me!” She also likes to take her little chairs into the closet and just sit on them.  I don’t know what she does while she is in there, but that is a game I can get behind.


Okay, and change of subject.  Advice from you crafty people out there.  What can I make for my secret Santa person from the Mom’s Club with stuff that is in my house already?  Otherwise I will have to go to the store and buy something and I am not feeling that.