Elizabeth's Day

Matt:  “What did you do today, Elizabeth?”

Elizabeth:  “I cried.”

Matt:  “What?  You cried?  Why did you cry?”

Elizabeth:  “I got in troubles.”

Matt:  “Why did you get in trouble?”

Elizabeth:  “I touched the dishwasher.”

Yes, that is what Elizabeth chose to tell Matt about her entire day when he got home from work.  She had a (thankfully) rare time-out yesterday because she didn’t stop pressing all the buttons on the dishwasher when I told her to stop.  Elizabeth “no yike time-outs” so the threat of one is usually enough to stop her in her tracks.  But about once every week or ten days, she doesn’t stop after her first warning and ends up in time-out.

I think it is hilarious that out of everything she did while Matt was at work, she chose to tattle on herself when Matt asked about her day.