Friday Night Leftovers

  • We had a playdate this morning and Elizabeth is taking a nap.  Glory!
  • Did I mention that blogging is contagious?  I infected our playdate mom (not today, before today) and she is blogging now too.  She blogged the play date this morning so you can go see Elizabeth having lots of fun with her best friend.
  • Darn it, Elizabeth woke up from her nap.  She only slept 43 minutes.  Still, that is better than nothing.  And I will have to finish this later.
  • It is now several hours later.  Fascinating blogging, this.
  • Someone asked about the nap thing.  Yes, Elizabeth is still required to try to nap every day.  Basically, I treat every day like I hope she will nap.  I put her in her sleep sack and we read a story.  Then she gets one verse of Twinkle, Twinkle and then I put her in her crib.  Normally she starts shrieking “Mama!” in an attempt to get me to not leave her in her crib.  I leave anyway.  Then normally she plays for about an hour before she starts shrieking “I need to get out!  I need to get out my crib!”  When I’ve tried allowing her to stay up all day, she’s a mess by evening.  So she is benefiting from the quiet time, even though she is still sort of a mess by evening.
  • And I benefit from the quiet time too, even though it is not exactly restful to have someone yell “MAMA” at you every fifteen seconds.  (Because yes, she plays in her crib, but she’d rather be playing with me and she needs me to know that.)
  • But the benefit to this not napping is that I’ve been able to cut our bedtime routine to about two minutes.  We brush teeth, read a single book, and sing Twinkle, Twinkle.  Then I drop her in her crib and she demands “rub my back, Mama!”  I rub her back for about ten seconds and leave.  (Today, when she was tired, she demanded that I rub her back at nap.  But normally she’s too busy trying to to get me to not leave her to remember that she likes her back stroked.  And no, before anyone points this out, I cannot rub her back at nap to get her to fall asleep.)
  • We bought the dogs some expensive hypoallergenic dog food.  The stupid little dog is allergic to it, MORE allergic than he was to the old food, and he’s scratched up his ears.  Tomorrow, I have to go out and buy him some different hypoallergenic food which will probably be more expensive.  He annoys me with all his digestive needs.  Anyone know of any commercially available dog food with no dairy in it?  (He’s definitely allergic to dairy.  He gets itchy ears, then he scratches his ears, then he shakes his head, then he breaks blood vessels in his ears from the head shaking, then his ears feel weird to him, so he shakes his head more and breaks more blood vessels.  Soon we have a dog with giant lumps of blood under the skin in his ears and if he keeps doing it, eventually he’ll need surgery.  Expensive surgery.)  (Yes, I could put him back on the old food, but he was allergic to that too, just not as much, and I’d like to find a food that he’s not at all allergic to so that he stops scratching his ears and licking his feet all the time.)
  • I am bored of all my time wasting games.  I’ve been playing Spider Solitaire and Jigsawdoku.  (It’s Sudoku, but with pretty pictures instead of numbers.  Play the 9X9 with symbols.)  Anyone have anything better?  I like Battleship but I can’t find a good online version that doesn’t annoy me.

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