Cute Baby Saturday

This picture is entered simply because of the crazy hair.

I was returning something at Old Navy.  Elizabeth saw this sweatshirt and declared that she wanted it.  I believe Matt said something like “oh, heck yeah.”

We told her to fly.

And then Daddy helped her to fly.

And of course, to fly properly, you must stretch your arm out in front of you.  How else do you steer?

And this was the last time I saw my sunglasses.  I’m sure I will find them eventually, I find everything eventually (record- several years and two moves and we found the lost remote control inside Matt’s chair, lost it in New Jersey, found it in Florida), but in the meantime, I have no idea where she put them.  (But, ha, I’ll show you, baby.  I bought a new pair on clearance today and I like them better than my old ones.)  (The old ones have been lost for about twenty-four hours now, I only bought the new ones because the old ones pinched my ears and this was an excellent excuse.)