A Strong Female Lead

Now that Elizabeth is all big and stuff, she gets to watch a movie with her daddy before bed.  They sit together in the big chair and snuggle under a blanket and watch something.  Now because the earliest Matt ever gets home from work is about 6:30pm and Elizabeth goes to bed by 7:15pm, they don’t watch a whole movie, but I’m not sure Elizabeth has the attention span for that anyway.

Our main problem is that Elizabeth is only willing to watch something that she’s already seen before.  Yes, there is a flaw in the logic of that but I’ve always said that babies aren’t logical.  So I’ve been known to occasionally bribe her to watch something new because oh my goodness if we have to watch Monsters Versus Aliens one more time so help me.  But recently I’ve expanded her selections so that now we can probably watch ten or so different movies.  Oh, the luxury.

Since she watches so little television and it is always with us, she is not allowed to watch things that we find annoying.  (Yo Gabba Gabba makes me want to rip my ears off my head and stab my eyeballs with a fork.  I’m just saying.)  So she mainly watches Pixar movies.  Cars is probably her favorite movie.  The Toy Story movies are good, particularly Toy Story 3 (but we have to skip the dump part at the end because she cried when we watched that once).  Monsters Inc was one of the first movies she permitted.  We’ve recently added A Bug’s Life and Ratatouille (she spent the longest time telling me “I no yike Ratatouille.  I no yike Remy.”)  I’m currently working on getting her to watch The Incredibles.  For non-Pixar movies, she accepts Monsters Versus Aliens, Muppets from Space, and Charlie Brown.  (But not yet a whole Charlie Brown, she’s only got patience for about fifteen minutes of Charlie Brown before she insists on “a diff-rint one.”)

Also, she only really likes movies with girls in them.  Her favorite characters from Toy Story are Barbie and Bo Peep.  (And seriously, Bo Peep is barely in those movies.)  She likes Sally from Cars.  She likes Monsters Versus Aliens only because the main character is Susan (and she tells us often that she is “brave like Susan and strong like Susan.”)  I finally got her to watch Ratatouille by turning on the scene that Collete is in and watching it over and over.  Muppets from Space is punctuated by requests of “Piglet coming?”  (She has a Winnie the Pooh picture in her room, I am pretty sure that is how Miss Piggy became Piglet.)  My goal of adding the Incredibles is slowed because Kari is barely in that movie and Elizabeth has decided that Kari is her favorite character.  (Don’t remember Kari?  That is because she plays the babysitter.  She has maybe four lines.  But she’s in the short, Jack Jack Attack, and that is where Elizabeth hooked on to her.)

I suppose my point is this: Pixar, can you hurry up on this one a little?