Anonymouse Made Me Do It

We had a coupon for a free kid’s meal, so I took Elizabeth to the Chick-Fil-A for lunch.  Even though it was out of the way.  She LOVED it.  (Also, so did I.)  I have never really been a Chick-Fil-A person, but that is just because of habit, I have no objections to Chick-Fil-A.  But Matt and I had chicken fingers from there on the weekend and they were so good that I decided to hunt up my coupon.

We had to wait a little while to order our food, but then it came right out and the cashier carried my tray to my table for me so that I could get a high chair.  I was so confused for a minute, like “wait, why are you carrying my stuff for me, oh, wow, actual nice customer service?  I am not used to this kind of treatment.”  The high chairs are cleaned after each child and were actually clean.  There was a pretty little plastic place mat on it for Elizabeth that stuck down to the table.  Elizabeth was highly amused by this.  She ate about half her French fries and then demanded to play.  I let her play in the play area for a while.  She mostly opened the door to the play area to go in and out because there was a door handle at her level and she has never seen something so amazing.  She’d go in, climb one step up the climbing thing, come out the door, walk over to me, say “HI”, and then go repeat the whole thing over again.  Eventually another little girl, who was probably four years old, came in to play too.  Elizabeth tried to shut her in the door.  (Not on purpose, the little girl tried to help Elizabeth with the door because Elizabeth could barely do it, and Elizabeth wanted to Do It Herself, so she pushed the door shut so that she could open it herself.)

Elizabeth threw a tantrum when we left and I had to carry her thrashing little body through a rainy parking lot.  And she devoured the rest of her kid’s meal in the car (and I felt a little guilty for eating half her fries, since she ate every speck of food that was left).  And now she’s taking a nap.  I win.