My Appetizing Invention

We had friends over today.  Elizabeth loves them.  And she’s currently taking a nap!  (For the second day in a row!  After yesterday’s nap of TWO HOURS.  After she slept in until 8:45am this morning!  I KNOW!)

Elizabeth was a bit…persnickety…this morning.  Then we all had lunch and she started to play nicely.  Of course, by then it was time for everyone’s nap and Holly and Adam had to go home.  I do not know what was wrong with her this morning.  She had a good night’s sleep, a good breakfast, and she was just being a menace.  She wouldn’t share, wouldn’t keep her hands to herself, etc.

Now, on to the important part.  I have invented* a fantastic appetizer for your next fancy party and/or afternoon snack with toddlers.

Start with some of those pretzel crackers.  You know, the ones that claim to be pretzels on the outside and crackers on the inside.  (Okay, maybe it is just me, but the pretzel cracker kind of seems to lower the fancy quotient a little.  If you must, you can use a regular, snooty cracker, but seriously, you get some added taste value from the pretzel cracker.)  Top them with a thin slice of brie cheese.  Add a dab of balsamic vinaigrette.   I paused here to take an in-progress picture.

And when I say dab of balsamic vinaigrette, I actually mean a good amount.  (Dab just sounded better.)  You don’t want to drown it or anything, but the ones on top, where you can see through the vinaigrette?  Not enough.

Now, top each cracker with a slice of strawberry.  You’re welcome.

*I did invent it without any inspiration other than Elizabeth dipping her strawberry into my carrot dip.  However, I make no claims that it does not exist elsewhere, invented first by someone else.  I just haven’t checked.