Friday Night Leftovers

  • I went to yoga with the Mom’s Club today.  My goodness, I am out of shape compared to what I used to be.  I don’t so much stretch and bend anymore.  Also, the labored breathing.  From yoga.
  • Elizabeth did not cry while she was in child care while I was in yoga.  (It was in a mom’s club member’s house, I was in the basement, she was upstairs in toy heaven.)  This is the first time that Elizabeth has been separated from me by a wall and door and has not cried.  (Me or Matt, she’s okay with me leaving her with Matt.)
  • But, when I came back up, I asked her if she was a good girl and she told me “I cried Mama and you were gone!”  The mom who was watching the kids told me that Elizabeth did realize I was gone and call my name for a while, but never cried.  I think a lot of that had to do with the apple cinnamon Cheerios.  Elizabeth has only had plain Cheerios before.  I’m told she ate several handfuls and I gave her two handfuls when I came back up.
  • To get Elizabeth to get into the car, I gave her one of those mini Twix bars.  I looked back at her after a few minutes and saw a chocolate covered baby.  I asked her if she needed her hands cleaned and her answer was “it’s okay, I just lick it!  It’s good!”  Then I heard a lot of slurping noises, but she was much cleaner when we finally arrived.
  • Then we went to lunch at Subway with another mom and a little boy about Elizabeth’s age.  We had a really nice time and Elizabeth and the little boy traded their cookie halves.  (I think that might mean they are engaged.)
  • Later today, we are going over to play with Isaac and Noah.  So basically, we will have seen every single friend we have today.
  • Matt just emailed me to tell me he made dinner reservations for Valentine’s day for me.  :)  We are going to be at Disney World, so he made reservations at Tony’s Town Square Restaurant.  (It’s based on the Tony’s restaurant from Lady and the Tramp.  You know, with the meatball nose pushing and all?)  They have chocolate hazelnut tarts there.
  • I like that Matt.
  • I have mentioned the Disney vacation, yes?  I think I have.  If not, please be advised.

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