Since I don’t mess with something that is working, Elizabeth still sleeps in a sleep sack.  She always has, so when we put it on, she knows it is bedtime.  I like that she can’t kick blankets off and wake up cold.  And Halo makes them in sizes up to 5T, so it isn’t like we have to stop wearing them any time soon.  (Also, I suspect that the sleep sack and the fact that she can’t really put her legs wide apart is the reason that she still hasn’t figured out that she could climb out of her crib if she wanted to.)

Anyway, Elizabeth sleeps in her crib in her sleep sack, with no blankets.  She is accompanied at night by two identical baby dolls (one that she calls Baby and one that she calls Regular Baby or Dada Baby) and her cup of water.  In the last few weeks, she started putting her baby dolls and her cup into her sleep sack during nap time.  Sometimes she would do this and fall asleep, but mostly she’d do that and play.  (Take them in and out, take off her sleep sack and let her babies wear it, etc.)  The last two nights, she has started putting all her things into her sleep sack at bedtime too.  So she’s sleeping in her crib, with two dolls and a water cup (which thankfully doesn’t leak) zipped up into her sleep sack with her.

The first night she did this, she woke me up at six in the morning because she couldn’t find her cup.  Last night, it was at seven in the morning (she’s been sleeping until about 7:30am or 8:00am lately, it’s been magical) because she couldn’t find her baby.  Luckily, she’s gone back to sleep after both these times (with the demand of “rub my back, Mama!”) but I find it odd that I must be woken up to find something that is touching her.