I interrupt this blog to make you really jealous.  The other day, I was talking to my mom on the phone while she sorted the mail.  My mom got a Fannie May catalog and was flipping through it.  We talked about how delicious the Mint Meltaways are and how much we both like them.  Then I jokingly told her that since she brought them up and got me all in the mood for some, she had to send me some.

Well, she did.  Today, during lunch, Elizabeth informed me that the Yoop Yoop truck was in front of our house (UPS truck, she can see the front from her seat at the table).  And the Yoop Yoop truck brought a box addressed to me (and Matt, but hahaha, like I am going to share) from Fannie May.  And it contained Mint Meltaways.  FOUR boxes of them.  (Little boxes.  But FOUR.  A total of one pound of my favorite chocolate.)  Not only that, but there is also a little bag of some kind of truffles called Milk Hot Fudge.

My mom is awesome.