Whatever, I am Tired

Here is a picture of Elizabeth, about a half an hour after she threw up all over Matt.  Matt looks tired, but you can see that he forgives people that throw up all over him.  (I suspected, but I didn’t know for sure, I’ve never thrown up on him.)

And as a result of throwing up, Elizabeth has been getting popsicles.  These are the expensive kind, made of electrolytes and sugar and artificial dyes.  Anyway, I am a genius and I thought I’d share in case anyone has a small person who hasn’t yet learned to handle the popsicles in the tubes.  The popsicle part keeps sliding down out of her reach.  She hasn’t figured out how to squeeze it up consistently.  So I put a binder clip on the bottom and occasionally moved it up.  This kept the popsicle at the top and the Elizabeth happy.

And yes, in that picture she has two.  I asked her if she wanted blue or purple.  She said, “blue…purple…blue…both!”