Lollipops from the Lady

When we go to Target, we almost always have to stop at the pharmacy and pick up a prescription.  Our Target pharmacy keeps a giant bowl of lollipops (the little ones, DumDum brand, I think they are) behind the counter and hand them out to any small children who happen to be around.  It took Elizabeth, oh, about one visit to learn this.  She knows it so well that she has actually shown the temporary Target pharmacy help where the lollipops are kept when they did not know.  (“Down ‘dere!” accompanied with pointing through the counter.)  She asks for a lollipop when we drive past Target.  (And the Target pharmacy ladies totally know us and know Elizabeth and don’t even ask for permission from me anymore, just hand over the bowl of lollipops and let her dig through them.  As far as I know, she’s also the only kid who gets to choose her own lollipop.  They know us so well that we stop by for a free lollipop even when we don’t have a prescription to pick up.)

Recently, Elizabeth has started talking about “the lady” who gives her the lollipop.  (Only once has there been a man back there and he was temporary help.)  She’s told me “I will tell the lady thank you!” and “the lady calls them suckers” (because one of the ladies does indeed call them suckers).  Today, we had to pick up some prescriptions, so I asked Elizabeth if she wanted to get dressed and go to Target.  She agreed that a lollipop would be rather delicious today, so she got dressed and got happily into the car (but she did insist on her pretty shoes, the ones with the flowers).  We ran another errand first and drove past Target.  Elizabeth saw Target go by and shouted out “don’t worry, lady, we’re coming!”