Um, Saturday Night Leftovers

  • Right, last night I was too tired so I am doing Friday Night Leftovers now.
  • Elizabeth talked me into going out for doughnuts this morning.  I asked her what she wanted for breakfast.  She said “something else.”  (That is her standard, and really annoying, answer to everything lately.)  I asked her if she wanted oatmeal.  She said “not.”  I asked her if she wanted cereal.  She said “not.”  I asked her if she wanted pancake cookies.  (She calls them pancake cookies, she thinks pancakes look like cookies.)  She said “not.”  I asked her what she wanted.  She eventually declared, “doughnuts!  Go to the doughnut store and get doughnuts for breakfast!”
  • So I drove her fifteen minutes to the nearest doughnut store.  We had doughnuts.
  • She’s getting her back molars.  (I thought she already had them.  I looked a few months ago and there were lumps there.  I assumed that they came in.  They obviously didn’t.  Just like the first disappearing tooth.)  And she has a pretty big sore on the inside of her lip (I’m guessing she bit her lip at some point).  So she’s eaten almost nothing this week.
  • As a result of being starving and in teething pain, she has been a true delight this week.  There has been absolutely no whining or complaining or general awful behavior.
  • When I went to Mom’s Night Out last night, Matt put Elizabeth to bed, basically for the first time ever.  (Yeah, I know.)  He did the normal stuff and then when he asked her if she wanted him to rub her back (like I do every night), she said “get Mama rub my back, pease, Dada.”
  • And she woke up an hour early this morning (as Matt pointed out, earlier than he has to get up on weekdays when he works early shift), and instead of going back to sleep nicely, she preferred to cling to my neck and cry.
  • So I think she missed me.  We need to do a little work on this Mama separation thing.  Not that I don’t like being awesome and all.
  • We just got pizza and it is delicious and has ham on it, so bye everyone.  (And mozzarella cheese sticks.)

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