My Laundry Assistant

This afternoon, Elizabeth and I were doing the laundry.  Okay, I was doing the laundry, Elizabeth was jumping on the bed.  I had a basketful of clean, folded clothes to put away.  It was actually two loads worth.  I set it on the bed and went into the closet to hang up the clothes on hangers.  I had to separate them and hang different ones in different sections, so it took me a few minutes.  While I was in there, I listened to Elizabeth yelling “I’m ketchin’ you!  I’m ketchin’ you!”

You are probably are wondering what “I’m ketchin’ you” means.  I was wondering the same thing.

Don’t worry, I did find out.  Apparently, “ketchin'” is to take all the clean, folded clothes out of the laundry basket and throw them on the floor.  She pointed it out to me when I came back.