The Pillow

For the last two weeks or so, Elizabeth has been asking me for a pillow when I put her to bed.  She’s figured out that Matt and I have pillows in the big bed, and apparently she wants one too.  Mostly, I think this is stalling, in the you can’t make me go to sleep yet because I don’t have a pillow kind of way.

So, last night, I asked Twitter what they think about two-year-olds having pillows in their cribs.  I got dozens of great answers (I love Twitter) and everyone said, yes, their two-year-old has a pillow and it either made them sleep better or the same.  (For I do not mess with good sleep.)

So this morning, Elizabeth woke up pre-seven AM again (unacceptable), so I gave her one of my pillows and told her to go back to sleep.  Then I went to the bathroom and when I came back out, Matt was holding her in our bedroom and she was telling him and me that “dat pillow was too big!”  (And wiping away her tears of abandonment from when I didn’t get her immediately out of her crib and let her watch television in our bed.)

So I decided that she could have a travel size pillow, like the little ones you used to be able to get on airplanes.  (They still sometimes have them, but only like three to share between the whole plane now.)  We went to the store (“da pillow store!” if you are Elizabeth) and Walmart didn’t have travel sized pillows.  So we went to the fabric store, where they have pillow forms and I have personally seen travel sized pillows.  I found two and bought the slightly more expensive one because the cheaper one was not comfortable.  But it was $12!  You can get a regular sized pillow for $12!

I also bought some minky fabric stamped with stars and some purple satin to make her a fancy little pillowcase.  (Not yet started, I will do it tonight if I have the motivation.)

So we came home from the great pillow expedition and I too her up for her nap.  I put her and the pillow in her crib.  She placed her head carefully upon the pillow.  She turned her head over.  She tested the firmness.

Then she handed it to me and said firmly “I no yike dis pillow, Mama.  Take it away.”