• Yes, I found out about my content being stolen because I was getting pingbacks and lots of them.  Then I’d go look and it would be a site with my whole post on it, but with a few words changed here and there (and poorly changed too) and they’d be selling DVDs or something like that.
  • Who knew that a post about toddler pillows would bring out so many of you hidden commenters?  Perhaps I should talk about pillows more often, it makes me feel special when you guys talk back.
  • Speaking of the pillow, I made her the pillowcase after her nap that day.  (Which was, um, yesterday.  Right.)  When I put her to bed, I put the pillow in with her and showed her how to stroke it with her hand on the soft side (minky fabric, stamped with stars) and then turn it over and stroke the silky side (lavender satin fabric).  She said “I yike dis!  I yike dis pillow!”
  • Then she didn’t sleep on it at all.  She slept next to it for a part of the night and then pushed it down to the bottom of the crib.  She refused it for nap today too.
  • And she’s refusing nap today.  I was trying to get her to sleep in her pack and play, as pre-vacation training, but I think it backfired on me and now she isn’t going to nap at all.  Even though I moved her to the crib.
  • We are going to the Mom’s Club cookie decorating party today, at four.  So I will be taking a non-napped child and loading her up on sprinkles.  (She’s already talking about eating all the sprinkles.  She wants to eat the pink ones.  She said that Isaac can borrow the green ones and then he will give them back to her.)
  • Also, I may be a genius.  I packed Elizabeth’s clothes today for the trip.  When we bought new sheets and pillowcases a while ago, I saved all those plastic things with the zippers on them that the sheets come in.  When I was packing, I set out a whole outfit for each day.  Then I zipped each outfit, down to socks and hairclips, into a separate plastic thing and put a notecard with the day they are intended for into the pocket.  I suspect this will be groundbreaking for the toddler packing industry.  I will let you know.