The Perfect Snow Day

Now, today wasn’t technically a snow day.  We had snow, but it was the perfect amount of snow.  There was a beautiful amount of snow on all the trees and grass and houses, but not a drop on any of the roads.  (The temperature was just right that the snow didn’t stick on the warmer surfaces of the roads.)  So the roads were bone dry but I got to drive through the beautiful snowy woods.

I also drove through the gorgeous snowy woods all by myself.  I had an appointment to go to before playgroup.  When I emailed Holly to say that we’d be late to playgroup, she offered to take Elizabeth for me.

That is almost a foreign idea to me.  In Florida, we didn’t have any friends close enough to our house that I could do something like that.  (My Florida friends totally would have done it, but they all lived an hour away, so it didn’t really work.)

I absolutely love that I now have friends here who will do things like that for me.  They’ll watch my kid, even offering without me even thinking of it.  It’s just so comforting to have a support system.  That is something that has been lacking because of all the moving around that Matt and I have done.

That is why my snowy day was so perfect.