The Best Ride at Disney

Today, Elizabeth and I went to Barb’s and had a really fabulous time.  I missed Barb.  She needs to move and live on my street.

Anyway, I would have some lovely pictures of our day together (I specifically took a few of the back of their heads, being that Barb is all not pictured on the internet), but SOMEONE (and I won’t name any Dibitses) refused to go to sleep tonight, on account of the strange room and the strange crib.  (We asked her before we left “do you want to go see Nanny?”  She said “yeah!”  We asked her “do you want to sleep at Nanny’s house in a special crib?”  She said “NO.  Sleep in my regular crib.”)

Anyway, my point is that I am too tired to download the pictures from today, so I am going to do it tomorrow.  Instead, I provide you with this lovely video from yesterday.  We were at Downtown Disney and Elizabeth found the best ride ever.

(In case you can’t watch the video for some reason, it is Elizabeth running in and out of the little ropes that divide the checkout lane.  Who needs Disney, we can just take her to the bank.)