The Best Day

Seriously, I am so tired, but if I don’t do this now, I won’t do it (I will be just this tired tomorrow night, if not more) and I want to always remember today.

This was my favorite Disney day ever.  We had such a good time.  We went to the Magic Kingdom and were there all day long.  We got there at nine and left at seven, except for an hour when we drove Elizabeth around in the car to see if she’d nap (no).

Here’s Elizabeth carrying Rapunzel around.  All day, Rapunzel went with us.  When Elizabeth was nervous about something, Elizabeth held Daddy’s hand and Rapunzel held Elizabeth’s hand.

Here we are boarding the PeopleMover.

This was riding the teacups.  Elizabeth loved this and wanted to do it again.  And then we passed it later in the afternoon and she wanted to do it AGAIN NOW MAMA.  RIDE THE PURPLE ONE.

Elizabeth got her first ever haircut.  (She doesn’t look much different.)  (Yes, Disney has a barber shop on Main Street, they specialize in First Haircuts.  It’s been my dream to have her first haircut here since I was pregnant with her.  When we moved away, she didn’t have enough hair yet so I had to wait for a vacation.)

…For which she received First Haircut ears and a certificate that says that she Bravely and Courageously Submitted to the haircut.  (This certificate is lying.)

The PeopleMover again.  (The PeopleMover lends itself to photographs.  Most other rides, you are busy on.)

She was happy all day.  Even without a nap.  (Obviously, there were Moments, she’s two, but overall, she was remarkably good tempered for a small person and such a busy day.)

She stole my frozen strawberry lemonade.  I’m not kidding.  She asked for a bite, I gave her one, she said “I hold it all by Myself” and then she refused to give it back.

Fabulous moments not pictured:

  • We watched the mini-parade.  Elizabeth saw Mr. Incredible, Frozone, Minnie Mouse, Jessie, and Woody.  (And lots of other characters, but those were the ones she told me about.)
  • Mr. Incredible waved directly at Elizabeth.  The look on her face made me cry.  She had one of those looks like “I am obviously the luckiest baby in the entire world.  Did you see that, Mama?  Mr. Incredible waved at me.”
  • We watched Philharmagic.  Elizabeth sat on my lap, as it can be kind of intense for a toddler.  I perched her 3D glasses on her nose right before the part that Donald Duck reaches out to the audience.  I reached her hands out to try to “touch” his, since that is what is intended by the 3D-ness.  She shrieked and crunched up.  I took her glasses off.  Later, I put them back on and when something in the Ariel scene came out at us, she shrieked again.  So I took her glasses off for good and she liked it better.  When we left, she told me “did the duck steal my fingers?”  (She almost always words things as a question.)  So she thought Donald Duck was really reaching at her.  Also, “did the duck steal my fingers”, how cute is that?
  • Dinner at Tony’s Town Square Restaurant was amazing.  I will even forgive them for not having the hazelnut tarts anymore.  Matt had some kind of pasta with seafood in it and loved it.  I had spinach gnocchi with leek cream sauce and it was fantastic.  Elizabeth had pasta with seafood (she declared it too spicy) and spinach gnocchi.
  • Elizabeth thought everything we did all day was amazing.  She even thought the tram ride to the parking lot was a fabulous ride and she thanked the driver and waved bye-bye to the tram when we left.

Seriously, this was a great day.