Epcot and Hollywood Studios

Today we went to Epcot and Hollywood Studios.  I am really tired.  So this will need to be brief.

The best parts of today:

  • Elizabeth got to meet Lightning McQueen and Mater.
  • She rode on the Nemo ride (twice) and was so excited.  Her favorite part were the “Squishies!”  (The jellyfish.)  We got off the ride and went to look at the fish and a few minutes later, she pointed at the ride again and asked so nicely “again?  We ride on Nemo again and see the Squishies?”
  • We got to take Elizabeth on Matt’s favorite Epcot ride (Spaceship Earth) and my favorite Epcot ride (Living with the Land).
  • Elizabeth loved the tram rides into the parks and kept yelling “WHOA!” all excited.
  • She loved the monorail even more and called it “the flying train.”  At one point, we were under the track and Matt looked up and saw that one was about to depart from the station.  So he told Elizabeth to look up and wave her hand to see if she could make the flying train go.  She waved her hand and the monorail went.  She was amazed.  And astounded.  And she kept trying to do it again for the rest of the day, even at Hollywood Studios, where there is no monorail.  (She was aiming her hand at the tops of buildings, trying to make a flying train appear.)
  • She liked the monorail so much that we went back to Epcot after Hollywood Studios, parked again, took the tram (WHOA!), and rode the monorail to the Magic Kingdom and back.  It took us about an hour and a half extra.  (And I am wondering why I am soooo tired?)
  • We watched the parade at Hollywood Studios.  It was a Pixar parade.  Elizabeth was in heaven.  She recognized nearly every character.  (And was only afraid of two of them.)
  • And this might sound like a weird “best thing” but my favorite part of the day was when Elizabeth burst into tears when the Pixar parade was over and Jessie had gone past without giving Elizabeth a high five.  She even had her little hand out the whole time.  (Not Jessie’s fault.  This Jessie was a dancing Jessie, the parade Jessie we saw at Magic Kingdom yesterday was a walking/high fiving Jessie and she almost got to Elizabeth, which is why Elizabeth was hoping this Jessie would high five her.)  (And yes, if we get the chance on the trip, we are going to take Elizabeth to see Jessie at a character meet and greet, but it just wasn’t possible today, we tried.)